Remote Patient Monitoring

Simple and secure Remote Patient Monitoring

An end-to-end platform that makes it easy to manage patients at home

Insurances Accepted

We accept most insurances, including Medi-Cal and Medicare, as well as select Medi-Cal and Medicare plans.

Improves patient health, quality of life, and sense of security

RPM enables care providers to tailor a personalized monitoring plan, allowing clinicians to monitor specific medical conditions and comorbidities. The monitoring plan is composed of scheduled routine health activities, helping patients learn how to recognize early symptoms of an exacerbation and to self-manage. By executing health activities, patients come to understand the cause and effects of adopting healthier behaviors. This helps patients better understand and manage signs and symptoms, and to know when to reach out for help. This offers them a sense of security with their condition.

Helps reduce ED visits, hospitalizations, and hospital length of stay

The triage facilities identify patients who need help and input from a clinician; the patient-generated clinically valid data is a key part of the chain of a prevention strategy. Changes in vital signs can be indicators of a patient’s health deteriorating. With RPM, vital signs are collected and monitored closely, which provides patients and clinicians with early warning indicators, allowing time to reverse any trends and prevent deterioration leading to avoidable ED visits and hospitalizations.

Provides monitoring and management of patients in their own home

Patients use the technology platform to register their daily health activities following their personalized care plan. These health activities can include reviewing vital signs, and looking for signs and symptoms of deteriorating health. Health status is captured from the patient’s home and updated to the platform, providing essential information to improve clinical decision-making when clinicians adjust and optimize treatments.

Strengthens a patient’s support system

Improved communication with the patient’s circle of care, including family caregivers, helps create a stronger support system for patients. By supporting family caregivers’ understanding of the patient’s care plan, this enables them to become involved and provide appropriate support.

Why TrueCare Platform?

  • The TrueCare remote monitoring technology is a complete end-to-end solution.

  • The TrueCare app on the phone connects to Bluetooth health devices (i.e. blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse oximeter, digital scale, and thermometer) to the caregiver.

  • Data is automatically received by the TrueCare Platform, which can assess all data and provide caregivers with real-time readings from connected devices.

  • Patient data with action level is available to the caregiver who can respond to patient via voice, video, SMS, or email in real-time.

  • The TrueCare system, combined with new Medicare billing/CPT reimbursement codes, creates an opportunity for a significant physician revenue stream with better quality care, and helps control long-term healthcare costs.

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