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Serene Health offers several ECM services to meet every members needs

Services are at no cost to Medi-Cal members who have complex needs and challenges that make it difficult to improve their health. This could include health conditions or challenges such as not having a place to live.

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Stay Engaged in Your Care

Your ECM lead care manager and care team will help you prioritize your health and make sure you receive the services and support you need. They can also meet you where you live or where you receive services.

Make a Plan

Together, you and your care team will make your own care plan. This plan will cover the doctors you see, the services you get, your health goals, and the care you need. This plan helps your entire care team understand what you need to reach your health goals. Your care plan can cover things like:

  • The doctors and other health care providers you see
  • Your physical and behavioral health needs
  • Your oral health needs
  • Your substance use treatment needs
  • The services you need to help you stay in your home (like help with bathing, dressing, cleaning, and cooking)
  • The community and social services you get and need (like food and housing services)

Connect and Update Your Doctors

You will have a care team, including a lead care manager, who keeps all your doctors up to date on your health and the services you get. They can also help you:

  • Figure out your health needs, goals, and wishes
  • Make appointments and check on prescriptions and refills
  • Find the right doctors
  • Arrange transportation to doctor visits
  • Apply for services to help you live independently, like meal delivery, housing services, and personal care

Help You Learn Ways To Better Support Your Health

You, your caregivers, and other people who support you can learn about the best ways to help you take care of your health issues.

Move You Safely from One Care Setting to Another

If you need to enter or leave a hospital, nursing facility, or another care setting, your care team will help you move safely and easily from one place to the other. They can help you with challenges like:

  • Learning how to take care of yourself after a hospital stay
  • Making follow-up doctor visits
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Getting transportation to appointments

Help Your Support People

Your care team can make sure your family, caregivers, and other people who support you know about your health issues and the best ways to help you. They can also work with your care team to help assist you.

Connect You to Community and Social Services

ECM helps you get connected to other non-health services too. Your care team can help you find community and social programs that you need. These include:

  • Food
  • Job training
  • Childcare
  • Disability-related services
  • Resources to help you stay in your home

Your ECM care team is built around your needs and wishes. Your care team is led by your ECM lead care manager, who is your main point of contact.

You can call your ECM lead care manager when you need help.

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